Monday, January 18, 2010

Cowboys, Indians, Crusaders get bump in latest Coaches Poll

Gaither and East Bay made a jump up the rankings, and Tampa Catholic moved into the poll for the first time, when the Hillsborough County Coaches Boys Soccer Poll was released on Monday night.

Sickles and Plant City remained No.1 and No.2, with the Cowboys moving up one position to No.3 and the Indians vaulting into the No.4 slot from No.7 after a 3-0 win against Durant on Saturday.

The Crusaders, buoyed by their 3-1 win against Tampa Prep on Saturday, entered the poll at No.8. Steinbrenner also moved up to No.6, pushing Jesuit down to No.7.

On the girl’s side, the top six teams remained unchanged, with Plant remaining on top of the poll entering this week’s district playoffs.

There were two changes lower down in the top ten, as Freedom and Wharton exchanged places, the Patriots shifting up to No.7, while Hillsborough and Tampa Prep also switched positions, the Terriers garnering the No.9 position.


1. Sickles (15-1-3)
2. Plant City (11-0-2)
3. Gaither (12-3-1)
4. East Bay (12-2-1)
5. Newsome (11-3-3)
6. Steinbrenner (9-1-1)
7. Jesuit (12-4-3)
8. Tampa Catholic (10-2-4)
9. Berkeley Prep (9-6-1)
10. Tampa Prep (10-4-2)


1. Plant (18-1-1)
2. Berkeley Prep (15-4-2)
3. Bloomingdale (12-4-3)
4. Newsome (12-3-4)
5. Steinbrenner (14-0-2)
6. East Bay (11-3-2)
7. Freedom (9-3-4)
8. Wharton (9-6-4)
9. Hillsborough (11-2-1)
10. Tampa Prep (13-5-4)

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